Everpress T-Shirt  Partnership

I’ve teamed up with @everpresshq to produce a special series of t-shirts featuring the Notting Hill Carnival. 


This photo was taken at the 1984 Carnival, and the T-shirt was designed by @fieldworkfacility.


You can find out more information about this on my blog soon.


The t-shirts are now available here;


Profits from the sale of this t-shirt are going to Carnival charities.

BBC TV - Studio 17 

I have supplied UK TV production company Widestream Films a selection of my photographs of reggae artists for their feature length BBC TV documentary film on the origins of Jamaican recorded music, Studio 17 - The Lost Archives, directed by Mark James.  The programme was shown on BBC TV.

Jamaican record producer, Clive Chin, left, with musician Dave Stewart during the making of Studio 17 - The Lost Archives.

Photo Mark James

Rhythm Kitchen Exhibition

There is a permanent display of my photos at Rhythm Kitchen Restaurant in north London, England.


A selection of my photos were on display at the Black Cultural Archives as part of their Black Soundexhibition.  The exhibition transferred to the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London from April 2018 until December 2019.

Red October Exhibition

Black Cultural Archive Exhibition

Images from the Black Sound exhibition at the Black Cultural Archives.

A photo from the Red October 

exhibition in Liverpool.

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